Since half a year, work in progress with a new Drummer - Krzysztof BizoƄ.


Personal changes continue, Dimension Eleven left Bartek Tokarz, thereby we are looking for a new singer.
Contact - PM.

From this place we would like to thank Marcin Kysiak for the time spent together on the music and its invaluable contribution to this band. 
We hope that our paths will cross again one day...

Searching for a drummer ended !
Marcin - welcome on board :) Dimension Eleven squad finally completed !!!

Recently, we are experiecing a quite busy moments, nevertheless works on new compositions are in progress. In Music bookmark you'll find 2 teasers from our new song - the title we would like keep just for us atm :)

More to come soon.

Here is a short interview with us on Progstravaganza. We would like to take this opportunity and thank you one more time that we had the chance to be a part of something so wonderful as Progstravaganza! We hope that this is not the last time we are at the pages of Prog Sphere and we meet again in the near future.

We are looking for a drummer. Full time open :)



'Progstravaganza XV - Ascension' published by Prog Sphere is out together with our latest SP 'Point of No Return – Part I: Far From Beyond Eternal Depths'.

Feel free to download, share & like (track no 26)


Hereforth our most special thanks go to Aeon-Lux for designing the art cover for our SP.  We certainly will continue collaboration with him in the near future. Check out his profile!


Check out ‚MUSIC’ bookmark - our latest SP “Point of No Return – Part I: Far From Beyond Eternal Depths ” released !

Waiting Room Studio;
Mixing & mastering: Jan Vacik -
Dreamsound Studios München;

Art Cover: Aeon-Lux.

point of no return