Dimension Eleven is a progressive metal band from Poland, officially formed in August 2013.

Most certainly roots go to 1995, when two guitarists Bartłomiej Bęgziak and Oskar Werner started working. There were mainly loose jam sessions at their homes, garages and wherever it was possible. On this basis in 1996 Age of Darkness band was formed and consisted of Bartłomiej Bęgziak (guitar), Oskar Werner (guitar), Bartosz Łyczkowski (bass), Marcin Krysztoforski (vocals), Maciej Dzikiewicz (drums).

The group had existed for about a year until 1997, when Bartłomiej Bęgziak and Paweł Pilarski started working on a new garage death metal project with unspecified name. For pretty unclear reasons (just as the name itself) their paths diverged, as they searched for their own sound and style of music separately in other formations. Bartek joined permanently a newly formed death metal formation Vitus Cadaver, Paweł founded the Devil Aid following the black metal stream. Both formations with their ups and downs created purely local metal scene over the next few years to completely close down around 2001. Years 2001-2005 are mainly personal creative work.

In 2005, Bartek and Oskar started a new project called Dreamer, forging the foundation of the prog metal story, which continues to this day. In the same year Bartłomiej Herman (drums) joined the band. In the period 2004-2012 outlines of nearly a dozen songs and some complete tracks were created. During this period, the Dreamer project consisted of many talented musicians. In 2008, vocalist Bartłomiej Tokarz permanently joined the band, a year later Bartłomiej Herman left.

In 2010, the band recorded a demo track 'Stardust'. Breakthrough years were 2010-2012 when the band gained its momentum.

At the beginning of 2013 paths of Bartek and Paweł coincided again - this time for good. Intensive work since the beginning of 2013 has resulted in finding their own sound and style, refinement of the material for the first album and outlined specific musical path. In July 2013, Oskar Werner (keyboards/guitar) left the band, and in August the project Dreamer changed its name to the present form, reflecting the essence of message - Dimension Eleven. In a meantime a new talented keyboardist Dariusz Sieczkowski joined the band. In April 2014 drummer Marcin Kysiak has joined Dimension Eleven for ~ hal a year, replaced by Krzysztof Bizoń.
In April 2015 Bartlomiej Tokarz has left the band.

Dimension Eleven currently consists of Bartłomiej Bęgziak (guitars), Paweł Pilarski (bass), Dariusz Sieczkowski (keyboards), Krzysztof Bizon (drums).